OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting (US)

CE Credits Hours: 0.05


Course Objectives

Learntastic Recognize the importance of sending OSHA accurate records in a timely manner

Learntastic Define work-related injuries and illnesses;Recognize recording criteria, including medical and non-medical treatment

Learntastic Recognize incidents that require an immediate phone or online report to OSHA

Learntastic Determine if employers must record and report an injury or illness

Learntastic Distinguish between OSHA Form 300, OSHA Form 301 and OSHA Form 300A

Learntastic Recall how to complete OSHA Form 300;

Learntastic  Recall how to complete OSHA Form 301

Learntastic Recall how to complete OSHA Form 300A

Learntastic Recall when and how to submit OSHA Form 300, OSHA Form 301 and OSHA Form 300A and how long to keep them in company records

Course Description

Accurate injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting can help your employer avoid costly fines from OSHA and can improve the information and data they use to make important decisions about workplace health and safety. Take this course to learn what to record and report and how to complete OSHA Form 300, OSHA Form 301 and OSHA Form 300A. Ideal learners are managers and employers.

Regulations/Board Approvals

 OSHA 29 CFR 1904 Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

This course is provided in partnership with UL Solutions
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