If you are not satisfied with the content that we have available within our courses, it is your responsibility to stop using our website. We cannot refund you for a course that you have already completed. Once you pass the quiz and are able to print your wallet card, we will not offer any refunds. We will provide refunds if your employer / institution does not accept our online course, and if this denial can be confirmed.

If LearnTastic certification does not comply with your requirements LearnTastic will issue a full refund. The User will need to email LearnTastic at [email protected] within 30 days of course payment. Once the User has paid for the course he/she will have full access to the course content and will be able to determine if it fulfills his/her requirements. In the email please include: your full name, mailing address, email address, name of the rejecting company, phone number for rejecting company, email for rejecting company, and reason refund requested.

Users can also choose to purchase a hands-on CPR skill evaluation with a live instructor through our Mini Anne program. If User opts to purchase this training session a manikin will be shipped to the User. The Hands-on Training fee includes the Mini Anne manikin, shipment for the manikin (exclusions will apply, i.e., Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska) and the video conference training. If you wish to reschedule your session timing, you can do so by clicking on the invitation and picking another date or you must contact the sales team 24 hours prior to the session to avoid a $10 re-scheduling fee. If you miss the session, you can schedule another timing for an additional $10. In the event that you opt to return your Mini Anne manikin, we will not be responsible for the return shipping charges and a $10 shipping fee will be deducted from your refund.