5 Skills Needed To Become a Nurse

05/25, 2023 - Sohini

Do you know who spends the most time with you in a hospital? No, it is not the doctor and not even your family. A nurse spends the most time with a patient in a medical setup. Nurses are compassionate people who vouch to care for others. Their care can restore you to complete health.

Learntastic offers various life support courses to help nurses upgrade their skills. Our online platform has CPR, AED, and BLS courses for beginners. People wishing to learn advanced skills can also apply for the ACLS certification.

This article talks about the skills needed to be a nurse. You will also learn the importance of a life-support certification for nurses and how to select a reputed course. 

Nurses: personality skills they cannot do without

A nurse cares for people who are ill, injured, or disabled. Nurses provide care in hospitals and home healthcare settings. To become a nurse, you need to have the following five essential skills:

  1. Communication: Effective communication is essential for nurses to understand patients' needs. It also helps to explain treatment plans and provide emotional support.

  2. Critical Thinking: Nurses must be able to think quickly and make sound decisions. It helps them to provide the best care for their patients.

  3. Compassion: Compassion is essential for nurses to relate to their patients and provide comfort and care.

  4. Physical Stamina: Nurses must have the physical stamina to perform their duties. They may need to lift and move patients or stand for long periods.

  5. Detail Orientation: Nurses must be detail-oriented in documenting patient information, medications, and treatments.

How to Choose the Right Online Certification Program?

Nurses have busy schedules and taking up an online course with such a busy schedule may seem impossible. But online education is the best solution for those who have less time. Some ways to select the best program for a nurse include:

  1. Check the Accreditation: You should only take your certification from a globally recognized institute. It will allow you to practice your skill anywhere and save lives.

  2. Check the Curriculum: Review the program curriculum to ensure it meets your educational goals and interests.

  3. Verify the Requirements: You should verify the requirements of a course before signing up. Some courses are for bystanders, while others are exclusively for healthcare professionals.

  4. Consider the Cost: When choosing an online certification program, consider the cost. Compare the cost of tuition and fees between different programs to find the best value for your money.

  5. Evaluate the Faculty: Take the time to evaluate the program faculty. Research the faculty members to see if they have the experience and qualifications to provide a quality education.


Why is certification necessary?

Life support certification is an integral part of a nurse's continuing education. It ensures nurses recognize life-threatening medical conditions and provide appropriate care. Here are five key benefits of life-support certification for nurses:

  1. Demonstrates Competence: Life support certification demonstrates a nurse's knowledge in providing care.

  2. Enhances Care: Life-support certification enables nurses to respond to life-threatening medical emergencies.

  3. Confidence: Once you gain knowledge from life-support courses, it increases your confidence. You can approach a patient in need without hesitation.

  4. Marketability: A life-support certification makes you a better candidate in the job market. Employers look for people with additional certifications.

  5. Stay Updated: Life-support certification updates you with the latest life-saving medical care developments.


It is hard work to care for others selflessly, but nurses do it with perfection. They handle people of various ages and still manage to keep calm. While personal qualities matter for a nurse's professional, upskilling is essential. Take a recognized life-support certification from Learntastic from the comfort of your home. Our online courses offer a comprehensive understanding of ACLS, BLS, and CPR. Log Onto our website and take a look at the available discount options.